Short Range Personal Radar: Parts List

Current Part:

Electrical Parts
LM7805 5v Voltage Regulator
PIC 18F452 Microcontroller
GP2D120 IR Sensor
4 or 8 MHz Oscillator
SPST Switch
1µF Capacitor
30 pin SIPs
5x 74LS373 Latches
Prototype Board
36x LEDs
Wire 30 AWG (aka Wirewrap)
Wirewrap Tool
Soldering Iron

Parts List Details
           You may or may not be familiar with the parts above so a picture of each item has been included to help give you an idea of what they look like. Three new objects that we've never seen before appear in this project; Servos, the 74HCT373 & IR Sensors. Tutorials on Servos & IR Sensors should be up soon but for the 74HCT373 I've given a brief overview of it below. You can always check out the datasheet for the chip by search google for "74HCT373".


The 74HCT373
           This chip is an octal d flip-flop tri-state latch. In english that means that this chip is capable of storing 8 bits of digital logic and holding that memory until it is cleared or changed via the LE-Latch Enable pin.

How It Works
     "Control Pins LE & OE
     "8 Data Inputs D0-D7
     "8 Data Outputs Q0-Q7
     "Vcc & GND.
           Output Enable allows Q0-Q7 to output the data currently held in the D-FlipFlop Latches.
           Latch Enable enables the data currently on D0-D7 to overwrite whatever the D-FlipFlop Latches currently have.

           So that will do it for the parts used in this project. Let's move onto the schematic! If you have any questions about the parts just ask in the forums.