Short Range Personal Radar: Hardware

Hardware Design
           The plastic enclosure seen below wasn't mentioned in the parts list. It's just a generic enclosure you can buy from any electronics distributor or manufacturer.

           The first thing we need to do is to drill holes for all the 36 leds that will be in our circuit and to e-poxy the leds into them. Additionally I put a little epoxy on led leads before sticking them into sip sockets so they'd stay on.

           Now we'll get the board soldered in and start to wire-wrap the schematic. You should be able to fit all the ic's onto the board in a small enough space to fit into your enclosure.

           The above picture is a sample of how the board should look during initial stages. Once you have everything wirewrapped it will be quite a mess of wires but should look something like this:

           The final look at the hardware design is what allows the personal radar system to be used 'remotely'. We use a length of wire about 2-4 meters long when connecting the servo & ir sensor. We put a hole in the front of the enclosure for these wires:

With the hardware completed lets move onto the software portion of the project. This is definitely the funner part of this project, nore more soar fingers from wire-wrapping.