FM Bug Transmitter Mint Box

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Making The Antenna
           An size antenna will technically work for the transmitter, but some will be better than others. An ideal antenna would be 1/4 or 1/2 the wavelength of the transmitting frequency. 1/2 The wave length would mean an antenna of about 160cm, 1/4 a wave length antenna would be around 80cm.

The two types of antennas generally used with FM would be the monopole (sometimes called whip antenna) and the dipole. Ideally you want the wire to be 1/4 or 1/2 the wavelength of the frequency (i.e. 107.9 MHz). With proper design and some more parts we could make a tiny whip antenna, but I'll try my luck with a long coiled antenna....

May The Ham Radio Gods Forgive Me!

·Take a length of wire 80cm long and coil that bad boy up so that it can fit into the tiny mint box. Typically with monopole antennas you only want to coild them if they're shorter than 1/4 wavelength, but we'll see how things go later.

Fitting The FM Bug Into The Mint Box

           Before you actually put the FM transmitter Bug into the mint box, you'll probably want to test it out to make sure it actually works. You might have to play around with the RF coil a little bit before a clear signal comes through.

·So here's the space we have for the transmitter...not much.

·Drill a small hole in the side for the microphone to fit into.

·The microphone isn't that it?

·Get some tissue paper and cover up the electronics.

·Can't see the electronics anymore, put the lid on!

·Lastly, put the mints in and you're ready to go!