FM Bug Transmitter Mint Box

Current Part:

Electret Microphone
2x BC547 Transistors
2x 22nF Capacitor
1nF Capacitor
22pF Capacitor
2x 6p8 Capacitor
2.2uF Capacitor
10kΩ Resistor
22kΩ Resistor
1MΩ Resistor
47kΩ Resistor
470Ω Resistor
3v Button Battery CR2032
CR2032 Battery Holder
AWG 18 Wire
Breadboard Wire
PC Board
Soldering Iron
Power Drill
Plastic Mint Box

Parts List Details
           For the most part, all of the parts used in this project are discrete and passive, with the exception of the transistors, which are the only real 'active' part of the circuit. The rest are just resistors, capacitors and inductors. Below I've described the most important parts for the project.

BC547 Transistor
           These are tried and true HAM radio transistors, use them for this project. I would not substitute any other general use transistors like 2n2222 or 2n3904 when building this one, simply because the BC547's work. Further more, they're not even expensive. Use them!

AWG 18 Wire
           This is standard copper wire, we'll be using it to make the RF coil in the oscillator as well as for the antenna. Be sure to get AWG 18 when buying it because the diameter does make a difference when building parts and making coils for this project.

6p8F Capacitor
           Two of these capacitors are used in the oscilllator circuit. Again these are mission critical values unless you have an LC oscillator calculator infront of you, and you know what you're designing.

PC Board & Ferric Chloride
           This circuit will not work on a breadboard, period. Don't even bother trying. You really need to use either perferoated board or a pc layout board like I'm going to use in this project. Copper Clad PC Board is relatively cheap and widely available just like ferric chloride, so don't skimp out, it's cheap and available use it!

Platic Mint Box
           Please don't use a tin mint box, I can't stress this enough. The project will not work if it's inside of a metal box, there's just no way. So save yourself the hassle and (a) test the circuit out before putting it into the fm bug mint box and (b) don't use a metal mint box.