Building An 8x8x8 LED Cube

PyroElectro Schematic Overview
           To clear up confusion that I ran into when building this 8x8x8 LED Cube I've gone ahead and re-drawn the schematic. My hope is that anyone who tries to re-create this project can avoid the pitfalls I ran into. Below is the new schematic:

View Full Schematic

Schematic Specifics

LED Driver Board changes
           The most notable changes made for my schematic are the addition of more labels, the removal of unused parts, and the inclusion of the entire schematic on one page, which I prefer greatly!

Cathode Control And Arduino Connections
           For the Arduino side of things I tried my best to clean up the existing schematic so that there was no question how things are connected to the Arduino. This is very important, if things aren't connected properly, the Arduino can't do its job!

Parts Without Values
           I didn't give most of the resistors a value because honestly they're all 100Ω. Similarly, the capactiors C4-C11 have no value, they're all 0.1u. Everything else should be labeled.