Course 4: Microcontrollers » Lesson 1: Introduction to Microcontrollers

Lesson 1

Introduction to Microcontrollers

Lesson 2

Hardware Hello World

Lesson 3

Input and Output

Lesson 4

Timers and Timing

Lesson 5

Analog to Digital Conversions

Lesson 6

Polling vs Interrupts

Lesson 7

Communicating with a PC

Lesson 8

Design an LED Game

Lesson 9

Design a Cyclops Eye

Lesson 10

AVR vs Arduino

Lesson Video

Lesson 1: Introduction to Microcontrollers

Want to learn about microcontrollers? Please start here! This lesson prepares you for the following 9 lessons of the course by explaining what expectations you should have for this course, as well as what parts will be needed to follow along with all of the experiments seen therein.

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