Altera's UP2 Board: Introduction

Project Info
Author: Chris
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Time Invested: 1 Hour

You will need a UP1 or UP2
development board.
           The two main programming languages for fpga/cpld devices in the world today are Verilog & VHDL. Both are concurrent programming languages (similar to Ada) and both are used globally. The difference between them is merely syntax, formation but not funcationality.

           This tutorial will focus on an introductary program written in VHDL for use on the altera UP1 or UP2 development boards.
           You can buy either of these boards from altera for less than $100. They are worth it.

An Acrynom Within An Acrynom, Oh My!

VHDL - VHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHSIC - Very-High-Speed Integrated Circuits

The UP-2 Board (UP-1 == UP-2)

The Byteblaster MV

Purpose & Overview of this project
           The goal of this tutorial is to gain an understanding and introduction of VHDL syntax and code using the UP-2 platform. VHDL will allow us to create our own circuits inside the CPLD by simply programming it with the ByteBlaster MV. In this tutorial we will make a simple 4-Bit adder program and run it on the UP-2 Board.