Stepper Motor Control: Introduction

Project Info
Author: Chris
Difficulty: Medium
Time Invested: 2 Hours

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           When you want to make a project mobile but also have extreme precision over that movement, then stepper motors are the answer. Stepper motors are a different type of motor that operate off the principle of induction. We'll learn more about that later on.

           This tutorial will cover:
1. The H-Bridge.
2. Motor Control Hardware with a PIC.
3. Motor Control Software with a PIC.
4. Integration to Control a Stepper Motor.

           It is highly recommended that you understand how to program a PIC before continuing with this tutorial. I have a tutorial written that explains this process. Take a quick look through it if you're not familiar with the PIC Microcontroller.

The Stepper Motor

Various Stepper Motors

Purpose of this tutorial
           The purpose of this tutorial is to control a 2-Phase Stepper Motor with a PIC Microcontroller and two LMD18245 motor controllers.
           As I've said before; motor control opens a variety of new doors for projects, as well as a variety of new difficulties to overcome. In the end, being able to accurately control motors (speed, direction, torque...etc) gives us a great advantage over just being able to turn it on or off.