Simple Motor Optical Encoder: Data

Data & Observations
           First I wrote a seperate program to test out if the encoder functionality works. I put a brighter led in the circuit so it is more obvious in the video when an encoder strip is read. Watch as I move the printer stage back and forth and each strip is indeed detected.

The Real Program
           Now we'll test out the simple motor optical encoder. The program input tells the printer stage to:

    (1) Seek home (which is the far left side)
    (2) Move to the middle (count 14 steps)
    (3) Move back and forth counting moves until 7 is reached
    (4) Start over again at (1)

           The program works (seemingly) flawlessly. The motor moves back and forth incremently with larger and larger steps until 7 is reached and then it restarts. You will find that the IR emitter and detector are extremely sensitive to any lights you might have in the house. If you point an incandescent light bulb right at the circuit it probably won't even be able to function because of IR intereference.