Robotic Eyebrows

Mechanical Hardware Design
           The hardware section of this tutorial consists of two core parts. The first part that will be described here, shows the mechanical design and building of the eyebrow system on a mock-up face and the second part (next page) will show the building and connection of the electrical circuit to the mechanical system.

Building The Circuit
          First get all of the mechanical parts together that you'll need for the project, the picture below shows everything I used.

·First we'll build the actual eyebrows. I used some plastic tubing covered in electrical tape.

·After wrapping it in electrical tape, I drilled a hole for a 4-40 nut and bolt.

·The nut and bolt secure the eyebrows in place.

·Next, take the plastic sheet and cut it down to size with some drill holes in it.

·3 holes are drilled. 1 4-40 hole for the eyebrows, 2 0-80 holes for mounting.

·The 0-80 nuts/bolts secure the plastic and the 4-40 nut in place.

·Screw the eyebrows into the 4-40 nut and the system is ready.

·Next let's build the electrical system and mock-up 'face' platform.