Robotic Eyebrows

Project Info
Author: Chris
Difficulty: Easy
Time Invested: 1 Hours

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           In the pursuit of building an animatronic robot, specifically the head and face, eyebrows become an essential need to convey body language in the form of emotion. Even the most simple of eyebrows offers a wide variety of emotional display by an animatronic robotic.
           This tutorial will show you what parts you need, the theory behind what robotic eyebrows are, how to build them and how to use them properly. Mini hobby servo motors are used as actuators because of their wide availability, very low cost and ease of use.

Robotic Eyebrows Demo Video

Robotic Eyebrows Close-Up

Robotic Eyebrows Controller Board

Purpose & Overview of this project
           For this tutorial, the goal is to build an electrical and mechanical system for controlling two simple robotic eyebrows that have animatronic properties of moving to convey certain emotions. The eyebrows should be attached to a mock-up face to show how they work.
           To build this system, we will need a variety of electrical and mechanical building materials. Sub-micro servos will be used to actuate the animatronic eyebrows and some small sized nuts, bolts and screws will hold all the parts together.