Quick and Easy Wireless

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Author: Chris
Difficulty: Medium
Time Invested: 2 Hours

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           One frustrating moment in do-it-yourself electronics is when you hit the limit of using 'wired' electronics and need to go to wireless. Wireless electronics are frustrating because typically unless you are very knowledgeable you cannot easily build them yourself. This means you either need to study until your eyes bleed or you have to use pre-made modules.
           This tutorial will explore how to add and use common remote control car transmitter and receiver pairs in your microcontroller projects. Specifically the received protocol will be translated into information the pic can use to create some output from the remote control's input.

Quick and Easy Wireless Demonstrated
Quick and Easy Wireless Transmission Setup

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Purpose & Overview of this tutorial
           This tutorial aims to show you how to add a standard r/c transmitter and receiver pair that you can find in a hobby store, to a microcontroller project so that you can wirelessly control whatever you need to. Since the receiver for the system normally outputs to hobby servos and not microcontrollers, we'll have use some advanced pic functionality to understand the digital signals.
           The goal for the final product of this tutorial is to use the PIC's CCP (Capture/Compare/PWM) functions to control two different devices (a motor and an LED) depending upon which device the transmitter tells the PIC to output to. The transmitter/receiver pair used in this tutorial is 2-channel, one for the led, one for the motor.