PIC Prototyping Basics: Theory

The Breadboard
           As I said before in the previous section, the breadboard is the gateway to prototyping. It has been around for a very long time and with good reason. Breadboards give us a nice way of testing out circuits before we wirewrap or PCB them. Here is a sample of how the holes are connected on a breadboard:

           The standard bread board has bus strips for power & ground and we will use them for this purpose in the tutorial. There are also terminal strips, 5 holes connected together horizontally.
           The orange lines represent a wire that connects together all of the holes it touches. Essentially there is a metal plate under each set of rows in the terminal and the buses that connects all the holes together. So if we need to connect more than one wire to a single pin, resistor, capacitor or whatever, we have 4 spots to do it on a terminal.