Programming the eBOX: Setup The Platform

Setup the Platform
           After we have created the basic platform we can now go through it and see exactly what is in it. What we'll do now is add a few programs & drivers to our platform to increase its usability. Now in the far right window of platform builder to the following:

Find the 'ATAPI PCI/IDE Storage Driver' right click it and 'Add to OS Design' »
-This will allow you to hookup a harddrive to the ebox.

Find the 'FAT File System' and again right click and 'Add to OS Design' »
-This will support the file system used on the harddrive.

Find the 'Mass Storage' and again right click and 'Add to OS Design' »
-This will allow you to use USB memory sticks with the eBOX.

Near the upper right choose the 'ICOP_Vortex86_50D_x86_Debug' option »
-This puts the platform in debug mode which will be useful later on.

For fun let's add the game solitaire to our design »

Now go to Platform -> Settings »

This windows opens up. Make sure you have the same boxes checked. »
-The options selected explain themselves for the most part.

Build OS -> Build and Sysgen »
-Our design is finished & needs to be compiled. This will take 10-15 minutes.

Once the compile is finished you screen should look like this:
-Don't mind the warnings, but if you get errors there's problems.