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Test The ByteBlaster
           To test out the ByteBlsater cable you'll need additional parts. You'll need one of the devices listed out in the introduction that the cable can program. This device will need to have power & ground all connected and ready to go(you may have noticed that the 74LS244 in the ByteBlaster cable is powered from the power supply off device you intend to program).

Select The Hardware
           Depending on your version of Altera Max2 or Quartus II you may or may not have the proper drivers for using this programmers. For the most part it comes standard, although many of the newer versions don't support it. See the ByteBlaster MV tutorial for a more versatile cable.

           After selecting the correct programmer go ahead and select Program/Verify and then click start. This will begin to program your device, you'll see output in the status bar and finally a notice of success.