Arduino Multi Servo Control

Current Part:

Arduino UNO
2x HS-322 Servo Motor
Jumper Wire
Battery Connector
Battery Holder

Parts List Details
           All the parts in this project are listed above. However, if you're not familiar with them all, don't worry. Below I've gone ahead and described the most important parts in more detail for you.

Arduino UNO
           This is the 'system' that I will be using to send the control signals to the servo motor. The Arduino UNO is a board made by the people at, check out my Introduction to Arduino article if you're brand new to it.

HS-322 Servo Motor
           This is a standard basic super normal Servo Motor that you'll find at almost any hobby store. They're usually around $8-12 so you won't break the bank getting one and it's the perfect place to start before buying the very expensive but feature filled robotic servo motors.

Jumper Wire
           Standard jumper wire, nothing special. We'll use it to connect the arduino to the servo motor. Alternatively you could use jumper cables or aligator clips.