16x2 LCD To Arduino Interface

Project Info
Author: Chris
Difficulty: Easy
Time Invested: 2 Hours

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           Whenever you're learning how to use a new system, in this case an Arduino, it's very important to put a good amount of effort into learning how to display some output in plain english that everyone can read. Debug LEDs are great for the first step, but output text to describe a system's status is far easier on our eyes.
           This article will be very similar to the 16x2 LCD PIC Interface and FPGA to 16x2 LCD articles, but this time we will be looking at how to use the Arduino to interface with a standard 16x2 LCD. Remember these LCDs allow for english, greek, numbers and japanese hiragana/katakana to be output so they're very useful in many, many ways.

16x2 LCD To Arduino Interface - Demonstration

16x2 LCD To Arduino Interface - Project Setup

Purpose & Overview Of This Project
           The goal of this project is to create two Arduino projects. The first one should just print the text "PyroElectro.com" to the LCD's screen. The second one should make it so that the text "PyroElectro.com" scrolls across the screen slowly. Being able to perform these two functions with the LCD will mean that we have a functional method for talking with the LCD and that we can perform even simple fancy commands like shifting text.
           To reach this goal, we will be using the Arduino UNO and the many libraries that come with Arduino, the LCD we'll be using has the standard HD44780 LCD interface that is found everywhere and the setup will be built on a breadboard for maximum flexibility incase we need to re-wire anything.