16x2 LCD To Arduino Interface

Hardware Design
           This project doesn't demand any real hardware design, the focus is mostly on make the connections from Arduino to 16x2 LCD so that they'll be able to share power + ground and talk to each other.

Building The Complex Circuit
          Below you can see all the parts necessary to get started wiring the circuit up exactly as you saw in the schematic details.

·First the 3 gray wires connect the LCD's Pins:4-6 to the Arduino's Digital Pins:0-2.

·8 white wires connect the data signals, LCD DB0->DB7, to Arduino's Digital 3-10.

·Power and ground connections are added. Note: +5v comes from the Arduino board.

·Finally, the trimpot circuit for contrast control is added.

·That's it, the hardware is all connected and you're ready to program!