Simple Pyro RF Receiver (27 MHz)

Current Part:

PC Board
Toroid Core (AL=25)
3x 2N2222 Transistors
1x 555 Timer
2x 2.2MΩ Resistor
2x 180kΩ Resistor
2x 100kΩ Resistor
4.3kΩ Resistor
560Ω Resistor
2x 100Ω Resistor
100uF Capacitor
4.7uF Capacitor
3x 0.1uF Capacitor
2.2nF Capacitor
47pF Capacitor
27pF Capacitor
1x 5mm Red LED
1x 5mm Green LED
Magnetic Wire (AWG 24/26)
Antenna Wire (AWG 26/28)
+9v Battery Connector
Ferric Chloride
Clothing Iron
Soldering Iron

Parts List Details
           Most of the parts in this project are discrete passive componenets, however the few active components are described in more detail below.

PC Board
           We will make our own PCB for the receiver so that we can have exact control over all the connection lengths and parts used. 27 MHz is pretty low frequency so there's actually not too too much to worry about in terms of performance degradation.

6 Turn Inductor Toroid Core
           The toroid core and magnetic wire will be used to make a small inductor. It's very important that your ferrite core is AL=25 otherwise the inductance will be off and the receiver won't work.

2N2222 Transistors
           We will use 2N2222 general purpose transistors as part of our front-end for the receiver and for the amplifier stages.

555 Timer
           The 555 timer will be used as a comparator and LED driver. The input voltage from the receiver will get compared using the 555 timer's input pins and the green LED will either be driven or not. The red LED driven by the 555 timer tells you the 555 timer is on and functioning.