Wireless Infrared Link

Hardware Design
           The hardware section, where I'll show you how I built the tranmitter and receiver is split into two sections, one for the transmitter and one for the receiver. Below are detailed descriptions and pictures of my step by step construction of the transmitter.

Building The Circuit
          I always like to begin assembling a circuit by having all the parts for it laid out in front of me. When working with a breadboard a pair of needle-nose pliers can also be helpful for getting wires into the breadboard holes.

·The first step is getting the power regulation circuit on the breadboard.

·Afterward we add the PIC circuitry, with a crystal and 10kΩ resistor.

·Now, I added the first 2n2222 buffer stage for the IR output.

·The final step is adding the 2nd part of the 2n2222 buffer stage, and IR Emitter.

·Hopefully that was seemingly painless, the circuit is not too complex and therefore fits nicely on a breadboard. Now let's make the receiver!