Digital Multimeters - Tenma 72-7735

The Package Arrives
           As with any online distributor or supplier, the tenma multimeter was professionally packaged and shipped to me using UPS shipping. In my mind, there isn't really much that is special about the shipping process, a box, the product and some padding and it should be good to go. Which leads us to the unboxing of the package below.


           The multimeter box itsself is typical of most electronics products. Flashy images all around it showing off what it looks like and exclaiming the nice features that it has, like auto-ranging and being modern.

What's In The Box
           Now the really exciting part, getting a first look at all the new toys. Inside of the box are the following 8 pieces:

  • (1) Tenma DMM 72-7735
  • (2) DMM Probes
  • (3) DMM Alligator Clips
  • (4) RS232 PC Interface
  • (5) 9v Battery
  • (6) CD-Rom w/ Software
  • (7) Operating Manual
  • (8) Feature List Overview

           In case you're not familiar with some of these parts, I'll go ahead and describe them quickly. DMM is short for digital multimeter, which is what this is all about. DMM probes typically have a pointy/sharp end and are very useful for probing points on printed circuit boards (PCBs). The DMM alligator clips are more useful for testing larger or single components since they require a larger area to latch on to, however you don't have to hold them while measuring. like the other probes.
           The RS232 PC interface uses some IR wireless transmission to get the multimeter to talk with your computer so you can do things like data logging and the +9v battery is a pleasantry to get with the multimeter as many manufacturers don't provide one, or worse they give you a dead +9v battery, which was not that case with this Tenma.
           The last few items were the cd-rom containing the pc interface software, user manual and the feature overview paper. The user manual is pretty typical listing out what the multimeter can do and warning you about the hazards you can encounter with high voltage. Enough about these items, let's start testing this DMM!