IR Proximity Motor Control

An Overview Of The IR Proximity Motor Control
           In this project, we learned about LED Bars, motor control with a single power transistor and about the sharp IR distance sensor. All of those items were combined together to make a system that could control a motor without pressing any buttons, moving a hand back and forth in front of the sensor was all you needed. The system seemed to operate fairly well in the demonstration video and the PIC did a great job as the microcontroller work-horse.

What To Do Now
           Although I've used these IR distance sensors in a variety of test, robotic and musical articles already, there's always other areas to explore. You could consider building an automated door opener for your pets, or perhaps a simple logging system that keeps track of how often a door is opened. Simple ideas, but you now have the tools to make them real!

           The purpose of this article was to build a motor control system that used an IR distance sensor as its controller. In that purpose and goal we were successful. We even added a simple LED Bar that gave a spedometer read out of the current motor speed. All these things combined together made for a simple yet elegant motor control system.
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