Programming A PIC: Conclusion

A Look Back On Programming A PIC
           It Works! We have successfuly programmed a PIC Microcontroller. While this tutorial may have once again seemed rather trivial to some, it is a pivotal point when you are beginning to work with a new embedded device. Very often, just getting working code onto the device can be a very difficult task.

What To Do Now
           Now that you know how to connect, compile & program with the PIC you can move onto to more advanced projects & tutorials and look more into the C18 Libraries to see simplified functions that utilize many of hardware functionalities of the PIC (timers, serial communication, ADC & etc..).

           Everything worked as it was suppose to. You can now download programs to your PIC microcontroller and run them. The Delay functions worked with the frequency we predicted at 0.3 seconds. The main goals of this project were reached in little time and with little difficulty.

You are now ready to move onto more advanced tutorials!