Mini PIC Dev Board

Program Download:

Main C File

The Software
           There are two parts to this software/firmware section:
    -Writing The Program
    -Compile In MPLABX

           The program we're creating is as simple as it gets. A forever while loop, two for loops for delays and then on/off switching of an LED on PORTA. Nothing complicated, we're just trying to make sure we can successfully compile, build and program something onto the PIC.

LED Flasher Program

------------« Begin Code »------------
Author: Chris @
Date: 4/5/2012
	This is a test program to make sure we can
	upload programs to a PIC 18F452 using the
	PICKit3 programmer made by Microchip. The
	delays inside the while loop create the effect 
	of an LED blinking off of PORTA.

#pragma config OSC = HS	// Oscillator Selection:HS
#pragma config WDT = OFF	// Watchdog Timer
#pragma config LVP = OFF	// Low Voltage ICSP(PIN 6):Disabled

void main(void){
	//New Integer Counter
unsigned int cnt = 0;
	//Clear PORTA
TRISA = 0x00;
PORTA = 0x00;
	//Forever While Loop
		PORTA = 0x00
		PORTA = 0xFF;
------------« End Code »------------

           We will compile and download the program to the PIC in the data & observations section when we prove the system works and show an action video.