Mini PIC Dev Board

Current Part:

PIC 18F452
PICkit Programmer
LM7805 +5v Regulator
2x 10uF Capacitors
Vertical Header Pins
10kΩ Resistor
330Ω Resistor
Power Jack
2x Red LED
20 MHz Crystal
Breadboard Wire
9v Power Jack Connector
Battery Holder
PC Board
Ferric Chloride (Etchant)

Parts List Details
           To make things more clear, I'll describe the more important parts from the list above, in detail below. This way there's no confusion about what it's role in this project is.

PIC 18F452
           The microcontroller that this PC board is designed for is the PIC 18F452, but realistically an 18F, 40 pin PIC can be used since the family shares a common power, ground and programming pinout.

PICKit Programmer
           The 6 pin programming header will conform to the ICSP header standard so that we can use a PICKit2 or PICKit3 to program the PIC.

LM7805 +5v Regulator
           Since the 18F452 is a +5v part, we will use a +5v regualtor, the famous LM7805. This part takes your input voltage, for example +9v and turns it into a +5v output.

Vertical Header Pins
           The vertical header pins will be used to build the ICSP connection for programming the PIC. Also, a small 2 pin jumper will be available to connected the PGM pin, for low-voltage programming, even though I doubt I'll ever use that option.

Ferric Chloride
           This is the etchant used to eat away the copper from the PC Board that we don't want, leaving behind only our layout design to solder all the parts to.

Copper Clad PC Board
           This is the type of PCB that we will use to build our circuit. Copper Clad is the most common and also the cheapest option for building an electric PC Board.

9v Power Jack Connector
           Since I like using rechargeable batteries with my project, I'll use a +9v to Power Jack connector to provide power. You could alternatively use a "wall-wart" transformer and the system will work the same.