The IR Range Sensor: Schematic

Schematic Overview
           The IR range sensor that we'll be working with has only three pins on it:

          Vcc - This is for the +5v source.
          Gnd - Connect this pin to ground.
          Vo - The output analog voltage that tells us distance.

Schematic Specifics
           Since we're using the p40 development board the power circuitry and all other pic connections are taken care of. We only have to worry ourselves with connecting the 1 pin from the sensor to the pic and the other two to Vcc and GND.
           The Vo pin from the sensor will connect to the RA1/AN1 pin (Pin 3) on the pic. This is an analog input pin which has the capability to convert analog-to-digital. This conversion will give us a digital value & tell us how far away any object seen by the sensor is.