The IR Range Sensor: Parts List

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Parts List
Olimex P-40 Dev Board
PIC 18F452 Microcontroller
GP2D120 - IR Sensor
Wire 30 AWG (aka Wirewrap)
Wirewrap Tool

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Parts List Details
           You may or may not be familiar with the parts above so a picture of each item has been included to clear up any possible questions.

P-40 Olimex Development Board
           This development board can be purchased for under $20 and is handy for quick and easy experiments similar to the ones we'll be doing with the IR range sensor.

PIC 18F452 Microcontroller
           This will be the processor/controller for the project. The 'Brain' if you will. It takes input and controls the output shown on the led.

GP2D120 - IR Sensor
           This is the IR sensor used in this project. It can be purchased for around $10 and don't go bad...ever.

WireWrap & Wirewrap tool
           We'll use these to connect the sensor to the olimex p40 development board.