FPGA DC Motor Control

FPGA DC Motor Control Hardware Design
           Most of the hardware has already been assembled together on the CPLD Dev Board for what we need, however one IC remains to be connected and that the is the SN754410NE motor controller IC. Below I'll show you the before and after shots of how I wired up the new parts onto the CPLD Dev Board, protoboard.
           Below you can see the CPLD Dev Board, with the parts we want to add on the right hand side. The wire wrap wire I used was red for power connections, black for ground connections and control lines are green.

           Below are the top and bottom of the CPLD Dev Board after I installed the new motor controller IC circuit and connected it to power, ground and the FPGA.

           With hardware updated, the new CPLD Dev Board should look like the picture below. Ready to be powered up, programmed and control some motors!