A Simple File Server: Parts List

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Parts List
· A Useless Machine
· Host Laptop/Desktop
· Spare Monitor
· Spare Keyboard
· Spare Mouse
· Ethernet Switch (w/ DHCP)
· CATV Ethernet Cable

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Parts List Details
           You may or may not be familiar with the parts above so a picture of each item has been included to clear up any possible questions.

A Useless Machine
           We're going to use this as our file server. It is absolutely necessary to have it if you want to follow this tutorial. Find an old machine you don't use any more and if you can't, snatch one up from a friend.

Host Desktop/Laptop
           The Host Desktop/Laptop will be used to connect to the server and eventually will be the only means of connecting to and communicating with the server.

Spare LCD, Keyboard & Mouse
           These 'spare' items are necessary for the initial setup of the server but won't be necessary once setup is finished. Hook them up to the file server right away!

Ethernet Switch/Router (w/ DHCP)
           To make sure we can connect to the file server we'll need to be sure it can get a valid ip address. DHCP will make sure that ip addresses are assigned to both your host computer and the file server.

CATV Ethernet Cable.
           Use the ethernet cable to connect the file server & your desktop computer to your switch or router. File serving will happen via this network that you setup.