Building A Robot: The Proximity Sensor

Current Part:

Magician Chassis (From Part 2)
GP2Y0A21YK IR Proximity Sensor
PICkit Programmer
Headphone Speaker
[2] 10mm RED LEDs
[2] 10mm BLUE LEDs

Parts List Details
           This part of the Building A Robot series luckily doesn't require too many new parts. The existing magician chassis + electronics as we built it in, Part 2: Motor Control, is used again and modified by adding some new LEDs and an IR proximity sensor.

GP2Y0A21YK IR Proximity Sensor
           These sensors manufactured by sharp take an input voltage of +5v with ground and output an analog voltage. The analog voltage output varies from +3.5v down to +0v and this voltage tells us the distance away an object is from the sensor.

PICkit Programmer
           Since we will be updating the software/firmware program for this robot, we're going to need to use a PIC programmer again. I will use the PICkit programmer to load everything onto the 18F252 that we're using.

10mm RED LEDs and 10mm BLUE LEDs
           We'll use two sets of Red and Blue LEDs as a form of output. In a way, these LEDs will display some robotic emotion...blinking red LEDs = MAD, blue LEDs = happy.

Headphone Speaker
           A speaker is added to the project to further help display some output (emotion, if you will) that the robot is unhappy with something being nearby. It probably sounds ridiculous, but we're just having some fun here.