Building A Robot: The Chassis

The Power Connector
           Since the battery pack has a standard DC Power Jack plug, we will need a standard DC power jack connector, like the one seen below, to receive power from the batteries. I soldered two breadboard wires onto the DC power jack so that we can easily plug it into a breadboard.

·Below you can see how easily this power jack plugs into the small breadboard that we're using for this project. It's definitely not a professional design, but it's quick, easy, to the point and solves out power connector problem.

·In case you had any doubts, the power jack does fit perfectly into the DC power connector. A little photo-evidence for you can be seen below.

·The magician chassis has been assmebled, we've learned some motor theory and built a power connector to get the juice from the battery to our it's time to test this system out and to see what we're dealing with.