Arduino to PIC Communication

Current Part:

LM317 Variable Regulator
PIC 18LF4520
Arduino UNO
[2] XBee Modules
40 MHz Crystal
16x2 LCD Display
SPST Button
1x 10uF Capacitors
Green LED
8x 100Ω Resistor
1kΩ Trimpot
10kΩ Resistor
[2] Breadboards
Jumper Wire
+9v Battery Connector

Parts List Details
           There's quite a few parts for this project and so we've gone ahead and listed out the more important ones with details below.

PIC 18LF4520
           This PIC microcontroller will be used to make the transmitter portion of this circuit. The hardware serial module in the PIC will be used to output to the wireless XBee module.

Ardino UNO
           The Arduino UNO system will be used as the receiver for this project. The hardware module inside of the AVR on the Arduino will receive and interpret serial commands received through the XBee wireless interface.

XBee Wireless Modules
           XBee wireless modules use a known protocol to transfer information wirelessly. The information is packeted which means that the modules operate with a very low loss or error rate. Gotta love these little things!

16x2 LCD Display
           To provide a less boring output on the receiver's end, we'll use a 16x2 LCD display to let the user know when the transmitter has sent an 'idle' vs. 'active' command. 16x2 LCDs interface very easily to Arduinos so it shouldn't be a problem!

Breadboard and Jumper Wire
           We'll use breadboards for building the circuits since everything is low frequency. Standard jumper wire will be used to connect the circuits together.