Line-Following Mini-Tank: Schematic

Schematic Overview
           The Schematic has three main parts to it. The Sensor Circuitry where the accelerometer is wired up to the A/D converters. The second part is the power circuit where we have the On/Off switch, the 3.7v battery & +5v 7805 Voltage Regualtor. The 3rd part of the circuit is the 3 7-Segment LEDs.

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Schematic Specifics
Motor Circuit
           The motor circuit controls the motors depending on the sensor data that comes in through the 'analog brain' circuit. The two motors are 3v and can move moderatley fast. The diode that connects the motors to the battery reduces the voltage at the motors which slows them down a little bit.
IR Sensor Circuit
           The IR Emitter LED and Phototransistor are used for sensing white or black color. The LED emits IR light and the phototransistor receives IR light. Together they work well at see what type of light if any is reflected from a surface.
Analog Brain Circuit
           This part of the circuit connects the sensor circuit and the motor circuit together so that the robot can do its job. A little ASIC logic is used to transfer incoming sensor signals into which motor should be turned on and when.
Schematic Parts Reference:

Schematic Name Part Name Value/Type
R1 Resistor 330Ω
R2 Resistor 360Ω
R3 Resistor 360Ω
R4 Resistor 1500Ω
R5 Resistor 10000Ω
R6 Resistor 10000Ω
R7 Resistor 15Ω
R8 Resistor 10000Ω
R9 Resistor 5000Ω
R10 Resistor 10000Ω
R11 Resistor 150Ω
R12 Resistor 150Ω
D1 Diode LED-Red (5mm)
D2 Diode LED-IR Emitter (5mm)
D3 Diode 1N4001
D4 Diode 1N4001
D5 Diode 1N4001
D6 Diode 1N4001
D7 Diode LED-Green (3mm)
D8 Diode LED-Green (3mm)
Q1 Transistor 2N2222
Q2 Transistor 2N2222
Q3 Transistor 2N2222
Q4 Transistor TIP120
Q5 Transistor TIP120
Q6 Transistor IR Phototransistor
C1 Capacitor 47μF