Beeping Down Counter

An Overview Of The Beeping Down Counter
           Up and Down counters are part of the classical digital design that hopefully all university students learn when they go through their EE /CMPE /EECS classes. This project took advantage of the basic down counter circuit and added some 'jazz' in the form of a beep and some theatrics, but in the end this circuit is not terribly complex and can be a good starting point for anyone ready to dive into a functionally significant but not over-the-top digital hardware circuit.

What To Do Now
           Honestly, it's hard to think of other places to go with digital timers because they're so engrained in modern microcontrollers that a raw hardware timer just doesn't seem necessary anymore. I'm sure someone somewhere will think of an extension of this project that's useful even today, send me an e-mail or post in the forums if you do think of something!

           As I set out to duplicate that small movie prop from Iron Man 2, I think I have been somewhat successful. The limitation that we use all hardware circuits probably was the starting point from where my functional design diverged from the designer of the circuit in Iron Man 2. However, I'd like to believe that there are some geeks left in hollywood who have love for hardware 7400 digital logic chips.
           In the end, the circuit counted down with a nice beep to it and things functioned as laid out in the purpose so there shouldn't be any complaints on my end.
           If you have any further questions, I implore you...don't be shy, take a look at the forums or ask a question there. I check them out regularly and love getting comments & questions.