Taming Your Music Collection: Album Artwork

An Overview Of Taming Your Music Collection: Album Artwork

What To Do Now
     You should now have all the tools you need to expand the application to do whatever you like. One idea would be to retrieve lyrics for your songs from the Last.fm web service to display in music players that support them. You could also automatically move files that lack any ID3 info and cannot be identified into a "Undistinguishable" directory. This way you can set them aside to organize them manually later without having them interfere with your application's organization of your identifiable music. Don't be afraid to try new things. If you test on files that are backed up, there's no risk of losing them.

     The application now does everything I wanted it to do. I began with no prior knowledge of Python and a goal to organize my music collection. My music is now organized, contains all the ID3 tags I want, and even has the album artwork embedded into each mp3 file. It only took me a matter of hours to write a program to do what would have taken me months of manual labor to accomplish. I hope these articles have effectively demonstrated how beneficial learning to write software can be to your life (and your free time) and perhaps have inspired you to learn to write software like a master. Happy coding!