eBOX-II Embedded PC: Get Windows CE

Get Windows CE 5.0
           You can get WinCE 5.0 off of microsoft's website for free. They offer a 120 day evaluation which has all the features necessary to get going with the eBOX-II. 120 Days is a really long time so don't worry about time running out.

           To get to the download page just go to microsoft.com and in the search part of the website type in: windows ce 5.0 download evaluation. The first result will bring you to a page like this:

           Go ahead and click the download button. Microsoft may check to see if you are using a 'genuine' version of windows so make sure you are using a legit copy when you get WinCE 5.0.
           After the download finishes, double click on setup.exe and then things will get going.