eBOX-II Embedded PC: Vortext BSP

The Vortex86 BSP
           For starters BSP stands for Board Support Package. The BSP tells the platform builder program how your board needs to be programmed & how it works. All boards are unique and so platform builder needs the Vortex86 BSP because the eBOX-II uses the Vortex setup.
           Luckily, ICOP (maker of the eBOX) & Vortex offer BSP's for download for WinCE 4.1 & 5.0 on their website. So just go yahoo or google: vortex86 o/s support. The first result will be download page on vortex's website. Click the link Download BSP for Platform Builder 5.0 to download the BSP. Here's an image of the site:

           Download it and go ahead and double click on the .exe and get the installation going.

So now let's proceed with the installation, don't worry it's easy!