Advanced VGA On A UP2: Hardware

Hardware Design
           Moving beyond the schematic let's take a look at the actual parts on the board. The picture below has most everything labeled out.

           This is broaden your understanding of exactly what is on the board where and make it easier when you're searching through the users manual trying to figure out what a ceratin part does or how to do some certain thing. Fortunately for this tutorial our only focus is on the Flex10K CPLD and the VGA Connector.
           On the same topic; the manual for this board is oddly enough quite thourough. You can get the PDF off of altera's website or if you bought the board it comes with it. The pinouts for the VGA/PS2/7 Segments & everything are listed nicely in tables through the manual. A copy of the specific pins the VGA connector uses were listed in a table in the schematic section.