Advanced VGA On A UP2: Conclusion

An Overview Of Advanced VGA On A UP2
           Generating VGA timing signals is difficult enough, but generating characters & complex images can be even more difficult. This tutorial has run through how to make your own character set and store it on a UP2 board & making the characters available to be called & displayed onto the screen.

What To Do Now
           Once you've reached the milestone of being able to display clear text on your monitor screen it is a good time to move onto making 'true' programs by interfacing a keyboard or standard i/o device to the UP2. If you have a standard I/O device connected to the board then you could mimic a real operating system like DOS.

           This tutorial was quite fun to make since the basic difficulties of VGA have subsided. Creating the character rom really gives an advantage to anyone who needs to display on vga as it gives you a standard output method. Overall the tutorial was a success. The code is clean and concise...but most importantly, it works well!
           If you have any further questions, I implore you...don't be shy, take a look at the forums or ask a question there. I check them out regularly and love getting comments & questions.