Basic Arduino VGA

Schematic Overview
           This is one of those times when the schematic for the project is super simple because most of the work is being done in software. So below you can see the few connections necessary for the harware side of this project.

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Schematic Specifics

RGB Connections
           VGA uses red green and blue to mix together and create all the colors of the rainbow. Setting any of these pins will tell the monitor how intense the specific color should shine. For what we're doing we won't even get into color intensities, everything will be 100% red, 100% green or 100% blue.

Hsync and Vsync Connections
           In order to know what line you're currently outputting data for and if the frame of data is complete, two synchronization signals are used: Horizontal Sync and Vertical Sync. These are the most important signals, if the timing is wrong on these guys, the VGA output won't work at all.

Ground Connections
           There are many grounds on the VGA connector for designers who want to go the extra mile and make a professional VGA controller. However, for what we're doing you only need to connect ground to PIN 5. That's it!