The Wooden Menace: Schematic

Schematic Overview
           The hardware schematic for the wooden menace (robotic arm) is fairly straight forward. The PIC microcontroller has one control line feeding to each servo and it also connects to the RJ45 connecter. The RJ45 connector is used for getting input from the controller.

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Schematic Specifics
Power Circuit
           The power circuit is just a 9v Battery hooked up to the LM7805 with a 1uF capacitor hooked to output & ground of the LM7805 to keep a steady 5v DC.

Servo Connections
           Each servo has 3 wires coming out of it. Power, Ground & Signal(PWM). Power & Ground are tied directly to our 6v source. Each signal pin from each servo is tied to a unique pin on the PIC as seen on the schematic.

RJ45 Connector
           This project uses a [fake] ps1 controller to remotely control the robotic arm. The female RJ45 connector is used & mounted onto the robotic arm awaiting the male RJ45 connection from the controller.

MCLR*/Vpp - Pin 1 on the PIC
           This is tied high (logic 1; +5v) once again using a pull-up resistor. Pin 1 is effectively a reset pin. The PIC will restart-Memory Clear-when this pin is low (logic 0, +0v). For this project I did not include a reset button so I just have the pin tied high always, so the PIC will always be running as long as it is powered.