Want to become one of the Pyros?

Complete the PyroEDU coursework and you will be a Pyro in no time. Each course contains 10 classes designed to teach you everything you need to know to complete the tutorials and projects presented on this website. Get started by clicking one of the topics below.



Get a solid starting point for learning electronics by taking this course and learning the basics!



The digital domain offers compact solutions for complex problems, all solved with digital logic.


Analog circuit design sounds scary, but let's break it down and study everything step by step.


Here we will take a look at how to get started with designing for powerful but tiny microcontrollers.


For digital designers the FPGA is a goldmine, it allows you to build digital circuits using software!


Smart electronics are built around sensors, let's look at a few and see how to use them.

PyroEDU Going Live 10/25/2012

We're Still Getting Everything Up!
(October 25, 2012 @ 12:30pm [PST] is when the fun begins)

Howdy! Glad you stopped by but unfortuntaely we're still in the process of getting everything up and ready to go.

Please check out our page on University of Reddit and join PyroEDU's first course there.

Or you can see the first course's content listing back on the main PyroEDU website.