Taming Your Music Collection: ID3 From Web

An Overview Of Taming Your Music Collection: ID3 From Web

What To Do Now
     Our application can handle probably 95% of your music collection, unless you make a point of collecting music files that are unnamed and missing metadata. There is always room for improvement, however. One ehancement could be to ask the user for input if the Artist and Title tags are missing. This would handle probably the rest of your music collection, unless you have files that are named "Song.mp3" or something unusable. Another enhancement could be to add an optional command-line parameter to specify if the web service should always be used in place of trying to extract ID3 information from the file path. This could be useful if you want to ensure your tags always have apostrophes and other characters that are illegal for file paths.

     Your music collection should be looking pretty awesome by now, especially if you've included all the additional ideas of how to enhance each week's tutorial. This week, we were able to use an online music database (MusicBrainz) to fill in missing ID3 data to organize our music collections. We used a bit of XML parsing, which should at least give you an idea of what's capable on the web. Next week, we'll add one final improvement that will really make our music collections shine. Make sure to check it out!