Taming Your Music Collection: Filename To ID3

Project Info
Author: Ben
Difficulty: Medium
Time Invested: 3 Hours

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     In the previous article, I detailed how to use the ID3 metadata in an mp3 file to rename and relocate it according to a predefined pattern. Now, I will demonstrate the reverse and determine the ID3 info based on the location of the file and its filename. We will need to once again plan before we begin writing the code. We can use the code already written previously for traversing the list of files, but we need to implement some means of parsing the file path to extract the data we want. This will come in handy if your music collection is already in the file structure you want but missing some ID3 tags.

Taming Your Music Collection: Filename To ID3 - Flowchart

Purpose & Overview Of This Project
     The goal of this project will be to iterate over a list of files following our predefined file structure, parse each file's file path to determine its ID3 tag data, and save each file with its updated ID3 data. We'll start by planning a number of steps to accomplish our goal, translate those steps into Python code, and test our application to ensure it works. Upon completion, you will be able to take an already organized mp3 collection and fill in ID3 metadata for Album, Artist, Title, and Track Number.
     This tutorial is not meant to teach you Python or programming paradigms, but rather demonstrate how learning to write software can enhance your life by giving you the ability to automate your tasks and free up your time for more important endeavors, such as solving the Sierpinski Problem.