Taming Your Music Collection: File Structure

An Overview Of Taming Your Music Collection: File Structure

What To Do Now
     If your mp3 collection has proper id3 info, you can throw your application at it and let it chug away, cleaning up the structure. If you have some mp3 files that are missing such data, fear not, we will address handling missing id3 data in multiple ways in the coming weeks.
     Try to think up some additional features you could add to your application as well. One idea you could add would be to check for any mp3 file whose extension is upper-case and rename it as lower-case. As long as you test your code thoroughly or work with some backed-up mp3 files, you won't lose any data and you can continue trying new things and enhance your application to your liking.

     A music collection containing thousands of selections makes for a most enjoyable listening experience. However, it also requires a herculean effort to tame and modify (if done manually). We were able to tackle the file structure and naming scheme issues for files with id3 metadata, which I'd wager is a majority of your collection. The application works well and, in future weeks, will grow to handle all but the most extreme cases (files with no name or metadata) that are impossible to identify programmatically.