Automate Your Life With Cron

Data & Observations

While you can't automate all of life's tasks — feeding and walking your dog, for instance — you can automate many of the tasks you perform on computers each day. If you can write a script or application to perform some task once, you can utilize Cron to perform that task automatically at nearly any frequency.

Thanks to the Cron job we set up in Example 2, we learned of a potential heat issue when our server is under heavy load: temperatures climbed to within 2°C of the CPU's maximum safe operating temperature. We were able to fix the potentially hazardous situation with a new CPU cooler and thermal paste before it became a serious issue.

Finally, while this article focused on the Linux job scheduler, Cron, its principles can be applied to any job scheduler, regardless of the operating system. For example, you can automate tasks in Windows using an application aptly named "Task Scheduler."