Fun project called LED Cyber Brows

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Fun project called LED Cyber Brows

Postby driguana2000 » Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:13 pm

Hi folks. Dr. Iguana here.

Just wanted to let you now about a fun project I just completed. I've posted the details on my web site so that any adventurous soul can build one. Full schematics, toner transfer images, gerber files, and code are available.

I've called the project "LED Cyber Brows" and it's a wearable device that attaches to your glasses. The PCB board has a small central section with two "wings" that approximate two eyebrows. The wings sport 12 high intensity LEDs and display a variety of patterns (currently 20) including classics such as Cylons and Gort. The device is controlled by a PIC12F1840, but the novel aspect of the project is that rather than using buttons it uses a I2C 3-axis accelerometer to navigate through the patterns and control the device.

The board is a bit challenging to make via toner transfer but it is doable. I had a batch of PCB boards made at Golden Phoenix. The accelerometer is a QFN part so you'll need hot air or a hot plate for reflow. The PIC12F1840 is a 8 pin SOIC and is easy to solder. The passives are 1206 or 0603 which are easily hand solderable using sharp tweezers, and a small tipped iron.

I've attached a photo and a link to a youtube video. :P


Dr. Iguana


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