RGB colour controller code for PIC16F630

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RGB colour controller code for PIC16F630

Postby rahulvyas » Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:56 am

I wish to build my own RGB LED colour controller that is based on the PIC16F630. I have a suitable circuit layout but lack the code for the IC. The circuit drives 3 MOSFETs to increase the power output to the RED,GREEN and BLUE LED's. The circuit has 6 momentary contact switches and one 3 way switch that will link to the chip and act as the control method. I need the code to do the following. When the 3 way switch is in the first position the controller becomes a RGB mixer where the 6 buttons become the + or - for the RGB. Each press of either a + or - will result in an increment jump of say 20 of a scale that goes from zero through to 100% brightness of the corresponding LED. I also want this to work that a quick press will notch up or down but a solid press ( longer than say 0.5 of a second) will result in the smooth flow up or down the scale of brightness output. When the 3 way switch is flipped to the other direction the controller becomes a automatic mood light controller that will cycle through millions of random colours. The 6 momentary contact buttons now become the control for Functions +/-, Speed +/- ( 10 scales and with the same moment or solid press functionality, default first selection to be in the middle of the scale)and Brightness +/- of ( same thing ie 10 increments and button reaction but default is 100% brightness and the scale goes down to 10% brightness only and not zero). The functions I require are 1.smooth fade from one colour to the next 2. Pulse from one colour to the next ie the colour dims then changes gets brighter then dims changes etc etc. I require that when the selection switch is flipped from either RGB mode or auto that is will save the relevant last setting. ie I've mixed a lovely shade of blue in the RGB mode and want to save it for tomorrow evening so I flip the 3 way switch to Auto and power down the whole unit. When tomorrow arrives I select RGB and power up and recall my saved shade of blue. This is absolutely possible for the right person with the right skills. I can provide more information on request and am open to feedback regarding the best way to do achieve my goal.

Thank you !

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