Designing a long range wireless transmitter & receiver

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Designing a long range wireless transmitter & receiver

Postby Badr Mustafa » Thu Mar 19, 2015 8:01 pm

I'm working on a real-time project. Some of its specification are given below:

Data type: Audio, Video and Control signals
Transmission range: 1 km (indoor-non LOS)
Data rate: 250 kbps- 1Mbps ( I'm not mentioning a fixed value as long range affects the actual data rate)

Please any one guide me either ARM processor or FPGA is suitable to provide a suitable output to a high dbi antenna to transmit audio video and control signals at a long distance.
Whether there is any need to implement audio and image processing algorithms or the add-on boards (like OV7670 or OV9655) are an easy solution along with ARM or FPGA?

Thank you.

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