pyro DIY stepper driver

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pyro DIY stepper driver

Postby alihureiby » Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:14 pm


im new in this stepper driver or this electricity world, im a chemical engineering studend, and i have filling in love with some stuff like 3D printer and some like that, and when i see that price really kill me so i decide to DIY, and i have dificult for chosing the right stepper driver for my DIY cnc router.
i have 2 option, pyro stepper driver or reprap stepper driver v1.2 .

the pyro link is here ... ler_board/

and the reprap link is here

and how to wiring pyro to arduino uno, can it handle for 4 stepper motor (4 axis) ?
any sugest?
(sorry for my english)


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